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+++ Reunion with Pepe +++

By on Thursday February 1st, 2018

The last two nights I stayed in Queretaro at Pepe’s place. Pepe and I met for the first time on the Alaska Highway in Yukon/Canada and cycled together for two days. Already back then he invited me to stay at his place when I’m in Mexico. The last days I was already looking forward to this meeting. It’s nice to stay at someone’s place, you already know and where you have a pretty good bond with.

He had reserved time for me to show me the city and help me with some things I had to organize. Thanks to his support I finally have some business cards and the stickers for my bike to show my Dutch/German roots.

More stickers than I will ever need

Almost at 3pm I had to say goodbye and I started on my little detour to Morelia where I will visit my next Mexican friend whom I haven’t seen for roughly 10 years. Looking forward to that!

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    Monday March 5th, 2018

    Hi Martijn, this is Falko mailing. I am glad to see that Pepe did arrive save at home in Mexico. We met him in Canada while we were cycling north. If you have contact to Pepe send him regards from Marion and falko. We must have missed you since we were cycling the Cassiar Highway.

    Take care,


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      Tuesday March 6th, 2018

      Hi Falko,
      I’ve send greetings to Pepe. I was going the Alaska Highway all the way to Dawson Creek and didn’t do the Cassiar unfortunately…


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