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+++ an unplanned long stay in Celaya +++

By on Montag, der 5. Februar 2018

Since I left Queretaro pretty late in the day I didn’t cycle too far. My original goal was to reach Celaya but when I arrived in Apaseo el Grande I was hungry and it was getting dark already. So, I decided to look for a place to rest there. After I had some street tacos I rode to the Bomberos and asked if I could sleep there for one night, but they recommended me to the Casa de la Cultura. Since I didn’t knew the way, a police men who was around escorted me with his motorbike to the place. Sergio- the manager of the Casa de la Cultura – is a passionate cyclist as well and offered me a free room for the night. Initially he even wanted to organize me a hotel room and pay for it but all hotels were already fully booked. But the room he offered me was fine as well and I had a quite and restful night there. My room in Apaseo el Grande

Next day I cycled further towards Celaya. Valentin – my sister’s boyfriend – lived there for one year as an exchange student. He checked with his guest parents Lupita and Oscar and they wanted to meet me. We met in the city center for a quick lunch as I assumed. They invited me to a very nice restaurant and as time went on, more and more friends from the local rotary club joined us. It was dark when we left the restaurant and it was obvious that I would not continue today. In the end I even stayed three nights at their home before I finally continued my trip to Yuriria. Dinner with Lupita and Oscar and their friends from the rotary club

Time to say goodbye

Yuriria is half way between Celaya and Morelia and belongs to the pueblos magicos which is a label for very beautiful little towns here in Mexico. I want to explore that now, after I had breakfast and then continue towards Morelia.

dirt road on the way to Yuriria


Donnerstag, der 1. Februar 2018

Freitag, der 9. Februar 2018

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Mittwoch, der 5. Dezember 2018

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Donnerstag, der 1. November 2018

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Dienstag, der 30. Oktober 2018

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Samstag, der 6. Oktober 2018

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Montag, der 1. Oktober 2018

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Montag, der 1. Oktober 2018

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Sonntag, der 16. September 2018

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Freitag, der 24. August 2018

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Freitag, der 17. August 2018

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    Donnerstag, der 8. Februar 2018

    Hallo Martijn, ich wollte Mal wieder einen Gruß Gott hinterlassen :-).
    Viel Spaß weiterhin und allzeit gute Fahrt!

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      Freitag, der 9. Februar 2018


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    Montag, der 26. Februar 2018

    Hallo Martijn, noch alles Liebe und Gute zu deinem Geburtstag. Bleib weiterhin behütet auf deiner Tour. Wir verfolgen gespannt deine Abenteuer. Liebe Grüße von Marina und Patrick

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