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+++ from Medellin to Jardin +++

By on Saturday June 30th, 2018

Since I wanted to watch the Colombia vs. Senegal match before I leave it was already past 12:00 when I finally started. It’s more than 120km from Medellin to Jardin and since it involves a lot of climbing I had anyhow planned to spend two days for this. I spent one night in Bolombolo (after 50km) in a very crappy hotel – the worst room I’e got so far. But that motivated me to get up early the next day.

The ride from Bolombolo to Jardin is absolutely spectacular and gets better with every km you further climb up to Jardin. The mountains around me almost shine in lush green as I cycle past coffee plants and banana trees. The route seems to be very popular among local cyclists as well. I regularly get passed by riders. One of them accompanies me for several kilometers and questions me about my trip. He tells me that he is a relative of one of the professional cyclists from Colombia. As I heard later, many of Colombia’s professional cyclists actually origin from this region.

It’s around 13:30 when I enter the city of Jardin. It is labeled as a “Pueblo Magico” which makes it extremely popular for tourists. And given the beauty of this old town with the surrounding mountains I can absolutely understand this. First thing I do when I arrive is to look for a restaurant. I didn’t have much for breakfast today and I feel completely out of energy now. After that problem is solved I enjoy walking around the city and taking some photos. Close to town are also some trails which are very popular but unfortunately I don’t have enough time to explore them and so I decide to ride a little further out of town to look for a nice place to camp.

Less than 5km out of town I find a private campground next to a little river. The owners are absolutely lovely. They offer me fruits and even invite me to their dinner later in the evening.


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