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+++ Christmas in La Paz +++

By on Friday December 29th, 2017

On Christmas Eve I arrived in La Paz. I was really looking forward to get there as I had a video chat appointment with my family back home in Germany. Because of the 8 hours time difference we agreed to start the call at 3pm. But before that I had to ride 130km. So I got up real early and left around 7am with the sunrise.

The ride was very challenging. Most of the time it went up hill slightly and I had to fight with head and side winds the entire day. After 90km I had finally reached the highest point of the day and was looking down at the bay of La Paz and enjoyed the downhill. Shortly after 3pm I eventually reached the hostel and shortly after I enjoyed the call with my loved ones.

It’s my first time I spend Christmas far away from home without family and friends. But luckily I met two guys I already knew from San Diego in the hostel and also celebrated a little bit with the other cyclists who where also staying in La Paz at a warm shower.


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