Peru Quick Updates Travel

+++ sprinting through the Andes towards Cusco +++

By on Monday October 1st, 2018

It’s already past two o’clock when I’m finally done with updating my last blog entry in Huancayo. At that time I’ve already consumed two days of my five days…

Peru Quick Updates Travel

+++ arrived in Huancayo – my plan for the next three months +++

By on Sunday September 16th, 2018

Two days ago I arrived in Huancayo. I took one day of full rest and today in the morning I used the time to update the route section of…

Peru Quick Updates Travel

+++ great hospitality on the way to Cajamarca +++

By on Friday August 24th, 2018

From Jaen where I did my last update it went straight up into higher terrain again. And on that way I’ve experienced some great hospitality. It was already late…

Peru Quick Updates Travel

+++ finally in Peru +++

By on Friday August 17th, 2018

From Vilcabamba in Ecuador I had to do again a lot of climbing till I reached the border of Peru. Although I’m now at less than 750m altitude it…

Ecuador Quick Updates Travel

+++ final days in Ecuador +++

By on Monday August 13th, 2018

Three days ago I reached Vilcabamba – a cute little town in the south of Ecuador surrounded by impressing mountain tops. I decided to stay a little bit outside…