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+++ arrived in Huancayo – my plan for the next three months +++

By on Sunday September 16th, 2018

Two days ago I arrived in Huancayo. I took one day of full rest and today in the morning I used the time to update the route section of the website. I have also created a detailed planning for the remaining three months till Ushuaia. I still want to integrate that into the route section – but until this is still pending you can check this out on my komoot account if you’re interested:

The next three months will be tough, to reach Ushuaia by 13.12.2018 at latest. Based on my planning I could arrive on the 8.12.2018 already but I know already for certain that I will have to use the 5 days of buffer somewhere along the journey. Actually I already had to take the bus a few days ago from Cajatambo to Cerro de Pasco to cover up some delay.

Unfortunately I’m missing the time to write a more detailed update this time and I fear it will also become more difficult the next weeks since I will spend longer days in the saddle and will have less rest days. Latest when I reach Cusco I hope to find some time for a short update at least.



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