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+++ Another reunion in Morelia +++

By on Freitag, der 9. Februar 2018

The past four days I stayed in Morelia. It was recommended to me by so many fellow travelers and locals I met on my journey but the main reason for me to stop here was to meet Juan. He calls me his „primo intercambio“ as he stayed at my aunt and uncle for a student exchange more than 10 years ago.

I arrived pretty late in Morelia and stayed in a hostel for the first night but moved to Juan’s place the next morning. After I had stored my bike in his apartment we went into the historical center to see the stunning cathedral like in almost every Mexican city and the famous aqueduct. Since we ate a little too much we decided to go for some Mescals as proper digestives. Now after I tried several ones I realized that it’s not my preferred type of alcohol. Later in the evening we met with some fellow students of Juan. After I was talking with Juan in German most of the time I had to switch to Spanish now. I’m still only able to have very basic conversations but I start enjoying talking in Spanish and every time I learn new words which Duolingo didn’t teach me yet.

The next morning Juan and I get up early as we decided to make a trip to Patzcuaro. There we took a boat ride to reach the island of Janitzio. On the top the island they have erected a big statue in remembrance of the victory in the independence war against Spain. Unfortunately it was a bit cloudy and misty this morning, but still we enjoyed a beautiful view over the lake and the surrounding mountains.

Before we embarked on the boat again I tried one of the local specialties: charales. That are little fried fish and they are served as a snack. It tasted interesting but it will not become my new favorite dish. I definitely enjoyed more the handmade ice cream we had a little later in Patzcuaro. So far I was always disappointed when I tried ice cream in Mexico but this one had a fresh and authentic taste.

Back in Morelia Juan prepared a nice dinner with salad, some spicy mushrooms and carne a la mexicana (beef with jalapeño, tomato and onions). And for drinks he mixed us some micheladas (see description here).

Something I ate that day has a bad effect on my stomach. I already felt some pain during the night and I had to postpone my attempt to ride further the next day as my stomach started cramping every time I got out of bed. So I ended up spending one day mostly in bed watching Netflix.

But today I finally pushed my bike out of Juan’s apartment and will start cycling again. Unfortunately the weather has changed for the worse and it’s raining since late morning. It could be some cold and unpleasant days ahead but I’m looking forward to it anyway since I’m cycling into the mountains again.


Donnerstag, der 15. Februar 2018

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