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+++ A quick stopover in San Miguel de Allende +++

By on Montag, der 29. Januar 2018

I got up early this morning as my plan was to ride from Guanajuato to San Miguel de Allende via Dolores Hidalgo. After a solid breakfast and some longer goodbye chats with other hostel guests I finally started pedaling at 9:30am. Immediately from the start I had to climb. On the first 12km I collected already 600m of total elevation gain – that’s an average of 5%. Towards the peak it also became ver chilly and I had to turn on my jacket for the downhill.

From there it looked to be an easy ride but unfortunately I trusted my GPS and went of the highway MEX110 onto something which slowly turned into a very nasty dirt road. The highlight was a little river which was intersecting the road. I had two options:

  1. Unload the bike and carry all the stuff over a little rope bridge with stairs at the other end
  2. Push the bike through the river / creek

I chose for option 2. I put on my flip flops and maneuvered through the most shallow section. My GPS suggested to further stay on that road more or less Dolores. Since I was not up for further surprises like this I decided to take the next option back on the highway to Dolores. I finally reached Dolores around 3pm.

I quickly took a picture of my bike and the most impressive church and then I continued my journey to San Miguel de Allende. Again I was following a dirt road but this time I had more luck. Except for the fact that I realized that my rear tire was loosing air again. I stopped at every gas station to fill it back up and decided to take care of it in San Miguel. Shortly before I reached my hostel also the front tire was behaving strange and so I arrived the hostel with two flats I will have to work on tomorrow morning. The evening I used to explore the old town a little bit as I will have to leave tomorrow by 1pm approximately since I have an appointment in Queretaro with Pepe – my first travel companion who I met back in Canada and who invited me to stay at his place. I’m really looking forward to see him again after more than five months.

+++ it ain’t over till it’s over +++

Mittwoch, der 5. Dezember 2018

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Donnerstag, der 1. November 2018

+++ Lago de Titicaca +++

Dienstag, der 30. Oktober 2018

+++ last night in Cusco +++

Samstag, der 6. Oktober 2018

+++ visiting Macchu Picchu +++

Montag, der 1. Oktober 2018

+++ sprinting through the Andes towards Cusco +++

Montag, der 1. Oktober 2018

+++ arrived in Huancayo – my plan for the next three months +++

Sonntag, der 16. September 2018

+++ great hospitality on the way to Cajamarca +++

Freitag, der 24. August 2018

+++ finally in Peru +++

Freitag, der 17. August 2018

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    Montag, der 29. Januar 2018

    Hoi Martijn,
    Halverwege Mexico zie ik. En ook hier veel mooie ontmoetingen. En lekke banden.
    Ga je via Mexico stad of rijd je er omheen?

    Hartelijke groet,

  2. Antworten


    Montag, der 29. Januar 2018

    Hallo Martijn,

    Wat ontmoet je mooie mensen, natuur en uitdagingen die wat minder leuk zijn, fietsenmaker worden kan dus ook nog met al deze ervaringen:-).
    Groeten, Adrie

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