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Day 53: transition stage

By on Saturday October 28th, 2017

Goodbye Canada!
I don’t have big plans for today. My main goal is to take the ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles and enter the USA. Due to the current political situation in the US I’m a bit concerned how tough the border control will check me when I enter the country. I don’t travel like a “regular” tourist – I don’t have a return flight or a hotel booking. The border control already takes place in Victoria before I enter the ferry. And actually it’s more easy than I expected. Since I’m not entering the states by plane I don’t need an ESTA visa but still I have to fill out the stupid border entry form with the known ridicule questions. And of course I also need to provide an address of my first stay in the US. The border control officer is luckily pretty chilled and tells me, I can fill in any valid address there. I chose the one of my first warm showers host in Port Angeles. I hope I will not cause him any trouble because of this. As it seems I’m the only passenger today who needs to fill out this form. And since it takes a while I end up being the last passenger who pushes his bike on board. While I lock my bike on the sun deck we already leave the port. Some people are standing at the pier and waving goodbye. I wave back. My journey through Canada has definitely come to an end now and I try to mentally shift to my next passage of my trip.

Hello USA!
After I left the boat on the other side I first ride to the closest super market. I want to buy ingredients for my dinner and US SIM card for my phone. Since the store also offers a big variety of craft beers I decide to buy one for me and my host.

Jon is already awaiting me when I enter his driveway. After I stored my bike in the garage and put my baggage in the room Jon has prepared for me we start the beer tasting. The first beer we open is named “Wanderlust” and it definitely tastes very good. But since I only cycled a few km today I don’t have the impression that I actually earned it. While Jon and I exchange on our past bike touring adventures I prepare my dinner in his kitchen. I did the mistake to enter the supermarket hungry and ended it up with way to many food in my basket. Although I’m eating double portions it’s more than enough and so also Jon gets a full portion of pasta with broccoli, mushrooms and beef. It’s the first time I cook for a warm showers host, in most cases it was different.

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    Saturday October 28th, 2017

    Hallo Martijn,
    Viel Erfolg im zweiten Land!
    Lese hier gerade was über den Prusik Peak. Nähe Leavenworth. Gar nicht “so weit” weg von dir. Geht es in diese Richtung oder gleich gen Süden?

    Viele Grüße!


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      Sunday October 29th, 2017

      Ich bin schon etwas weiter. Hänge mit den Blog Updates leider ein paar Tage hinterher. An Leavenworth oder dem Prusik Peak bin ich meines Wissens nicht lang gefahren. Genieß deinen Urlaub noch!
      Viele Grüße

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