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Day 48: One step closer to Vancouver Island

By on Sunday October 22nd, 2017

When I get up this morning Len and Nicolas are already up for a while. They are sitting in the kitchen having breakfast. Len is offering to make me some eggs but I’m happy with some cafe this morning. I don’t want to stress their hospitality too much. When loading my bike I discover a little surprise gift. Nicolas has placed a Buff which promotes his movie Numinous on the rack of my bike. I’ve already two Buffs I’m carrying on this trip, but this one is way fancier than the other two. So you will see this one regularly on the upcoming photos I suppose.

Nicolas, me, Len (l.t.r.)

Last evening I had a chat with Len and Nicolas who difficult it is for me to actually get rid of things on my tour. Especially the weight of my three lenses and the drone are make a difference on every mountain I tackle. When I ask Nicolas this morning whether I still need my bearspray in this area he is joking that I should dump my bearspray but for sure keep the drone. It’s nice to hear that from an artist who actually values these tools – so far most other travelers have rolled their eyes when I explained them what’s all kept in my bags. I keep the bearspray anyhow for the moment, but it’s stored inside my panniers now and not at my belt anymore. We take a farewell photo and then I say goodbye to both while they continue to load Nicolas’ car with the pictures for the exhibition.

Beach at Roberts Creek

Gumboot Café

I stop already a few km later at the Gumboot Café for my breakfast this morning. It’s a recommendation by Len and spend the next couple of hours their to update the blog and manage my photos. Since it’s still a good way to go till the next ferry I have to push a bit harder once I start again. In Madeira Park I have another stop to have something for lunch. The stop is actually a stupid decision since I loose those 30 minutes which I arrive too late for the ferry around 5pm at Earls Cove. I have to wait 90 minutes for the next ride and I use the spare time to prepare my dinner on a picnic table in the harbor. When I push my bike on the ferry at 7:30pm it’s already dark. Again I will have to cycle in the dark after I get off the ferry. I checkout two campgrounds on the other side but since I find them too expensive I pitch my tent a bit off the road next to a forestry road. I anyhow want to leave really early the next morning to catch the first ferry leaving Powell River to Vancouver Island. I set my alarm to 5:30am and creep into my sleeping bag.

Harbor of Earls Cove

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    Sunday October 22nd, 2017

    Hallo Martijn, ich finde es echt Klasse, dass du uns auf deine Reise mitnimmst. Ich wünsche Dir noch viel Spaß und viele tolle Momente :-).
    Gruß, Marco

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