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Day 47: Back in the saddle again

By on Friday October 20th, 2017

Today I’m heading out of the city again. Since the weather is better than expected and also the forecast for the upcoming days looks very promising I’ve decided to make a little detour. I want to discover Vancouver Island. I’m excited to get back in the saddle again and cycle through nature. The past few days in Vancouver were pretty relaxing and this little break was surely necessary after the stressful hikes in Whistler. But after these three days in Vancouver I felt already this strong desire to pedal further. As a biker, the big city has become an unknown terrain for me and I feel somewhat stressed by the amount of tourist options. Which places do I need to see, which restaurants have to be checked out and which hip area should I explore? And which Instagram Selfies do I need to shoot? Back on the road this is all a lot easier and more relaxed. I simply start in the morning with a rough plan and stop along the way wherever I want to.

But before I get started I need my proper breakfast of course. I’m in the kitchen with Rishi and his housemates Martin and Maya. We have vivid discussions, mainly about movie spoilers and whether they actually ruin the movie experience or not. Martin’s point is, that a really good movie cannot be ruined by a spoiler. I mostly agree, but with movies like “the 6th sense” I’m not entirely sure. It would still be a good movie and I might still watch it again, but this first-time experience would definitely be different. Martin is a musican (The End Tree) und has German roots. He speaks the language a little bit but wants to learn it better. If possible by song-lyrics. He asks me to give him some good German bands to check them out. This is the short list: 

Martin, Maya, me, Rishi (left to right)

We shoot a final photo and then everybody is heading out into different directions. I want to cycle to Horseshoe Bay to take the first ferry which brings me closer to Vancouver Island (in total I will have to do three ferry hops before I’m there). In North Vancouver I have another stop to meet with Peter who is a friend of mutual friends in my hometown. He proposed to have Sushi. Sushi in Vancouver is like doner kebab in Berlin. There are Sushi stores at almost every corner and it’s relatively cheap and quality is normally pretty good. Peter is a very funny and silver-tongued person. Next to English, German and Spanish he also speaks enough words in Philippine and Taiwanese to fool around with the service personnel. Peter has done a decent amount of traveling and is enthused about most of them except for the United States. With all these “crazy” gunmen and rednecks he considers it to be more dangerous than Afghanistan or Iraq. I will have to make my own experiences I guess, but so far I rather prefer USA over the two other countries.

Strengthened with the raw fish I continue my ride to Horsehoe Bay. It’s supposed to be less than 30km but it’s more hilly than I anticipated. I’ve chosen an alternative cycling route which has some steep hills with up to 16% grade. When I finally reach Horseshoe Bay it’s already past 5:30pm. I buy a ticket for the 6:35pm ferry and use the remaining time to get myself some pizza slices and a cup of root beer. Since it will be already dark when I leave the ferry, this will be my dinner for tonight.

sunset at Horseshoe Bay

With the sunset we’re leaving the harbor. I take the opportunity to shoot some photos from the sun deck. When we reach the target destination the sun has completely set and it’s pitch black. Since my lights are working again this doesn’t shock me anymore. My plan is to cycle a bit further up the Sunshine Coast Highway until I find a decent spot to setup my tent. At the first stop light getting of the ferry I meet Len. He is also cycling and offers to guide me a little on the roads parallel to the highway where there is less traffic. Len is on his way to his son in Roberts Creek and suggests I can follow him till there to fill up my water bottles. When we finally reach his son’s place I even get invited to stay there overnight. I happily accept this gracious offer. Hi son Nicolas is geologist but even more he is a filmmaker, photographer and even crafts furniture and sculptures from driftwood. He has just finished a two-year film project (watch the trailer: NUMINOUS – A Ski Film) and is now finalizing his work for a photo-art excibition ( All the frames for the fotos are handcrafted by him. I’m impressed by his work and the energy he puts into it. While I’m already preparing my bed around midnight he continues building a few more frames…

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    Friday October 20th, 2017

    Guten Morgen,

    dir scheint es ja gut zu gehen! Der Bart wächst auch! 😉

    Bin auf deine Bilder / Berichte von der Insel gespannt!
    Auch ein Wunschreiseziel von mir!

    Weiterhin gute & ereignisreiche Fahrt!

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      Sunday October 22nd, 2017

      Danke! Berichte von der Insel kommen bald. War aber nur insgesamt vier Tage dort – mit Sicherheit nicht genügend Zeit um der Insel gerecht zu werden. Also es gibt auf jeden Fall noch Gründe eines Tages mal wieder zu kommen. 😉

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    Friday October 20th, 2017

    Ha Martijn,
    Mooi dat het weer trekt op de fiets te stappen. Betere bevestiging dat dit is wat aan de orde is kun je niet krijgen. De plaatjes zijn weer prachtig. Zoals te verwachten misschien. Daarnaast heb je veel mooie ontmoetingen. Dat weet je niet zo van te voren. En juist de herinneringen daaraan blijven het langst!

    Hartelijke groet,

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      Sunday October 22nd, 2017

      Bedankt Jaap!

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