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+++ Spoiler: I‘m already in San Fran

By on Sonntag, der 5. November 2017

… and I will participate in the Golden Gate Half Marathon tomorrow. You can actually follow my progress online tomorrow. Start is at 7am (pacific time).


I don’t expect any miracles though. After I had to push hard the past days my muscles cramp very easily.

All the other missing Blog updates what happened on the road till San Fran will of course come in the next days, weeks, months… 😉


Sonntag, der 5. November 2017

+++ it ain’t over till it’s over +++

Mittwoch, der 5. Dezember 2018

+++ Lago de Titicaca +++

Dienstag, der 30. Oktober 2018

+++ last night in Cusco +++

Samstag, der 6. Oktober 2018

+++ visiting Macchu Picchu +++

Montag, der 1. Oktober 2018

+++ sprinting through the Andes towards Cusco +++

Montag, der 1. Oktober 2018

+++ arrived in Huancayo – my plan for the next three months +++

Sonntag, der 16. September 2018

+++ great hospitality on the way to Cajamarca +++

Freitag, der 24. August 2018

+++ finally in Peru +++

Freitag, der 17. August 2018

+++ final days in Ecuador +++

Montag, der 13. August 2018

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    Sonntag, der 5. November 2017

    Hee Martijn,

    Jij hebt vast een stukje gelift :-). Heb een fijne „run-day, veel succes enne, je weet nu wanneer je benen niet meer willen………

    Groet, Adrie

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