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+++ first days in Mexico +++

By on Mittwoch, der 13. Dezember 2017

I reached Ensenada on my first day shortly after sunset. It was a windy ride as expected, but the scenery was worth it.

In Ensenada I met Jacob with whom I’m cycling since the last 2 1/2 days now. We crossed the peninsula and made it to San Felipe today. After two days of mainly climbing and less progress than planned we enjoyed the downhill today and also the wind is blowing in the right direction again. This made it even bearable when I had to fix another flat short before town.

We will be heading further south and I might not have any service the upcoming days. Also water supply will be challenging. I might fill my ten liter bag entirely for the first time the next days.


Freitag, der 29. Dezember 2017

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Mittwoch, der 5. Dezember 2018

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Donnerstag, der 1. November 2018

+++ Lago de Titicaca +++

Dienstag, der 30. Oktober 2018

+++ last night in Cusco +++

Samstag, der 6. Oktober 2018

+++ visiting Macchu Picchu +++

Montag, der 1. Oktober 2018

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Montag, der 1. Oktober 2018

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Sonntag, der 16. September 2018

+++ great hospitality on the way to Cajamarca +++

Freitag, der 24. August 2018

+++ finally in Peru +++

Freitag, der 17. August 2018

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    Doug Brooks

    Montag, der 18. Dezember 2017

    Martin ….

    I met you at a campsite in Jasper I check in every now and then to see how you are moving along. San Felipe South is pretty barren but there are some places to get water. Stop in at Puertocitos and go to the hot spring they are right on the ocean very unique.
    Gonzaga bay is nice as well although you may get charged heavily at the Alphonsias.
    I have travelled through the baja a number of times I love it there.
    I really enjoy your reports I would like to get more information on your bicycle, and yout thoughts on its performance.

    Doug ……

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      Samstag, der 30. Dezember 2017

      Hi Doug, nice to hear from you. I have already reached La Paz and I’m no exploring a little bit the south tip of the peninsula. Today I want to make it to Cabo Pulmo to do some snorkeling.
      In Puertocitos I skipped the hotsprings after I spent a long time at the cow patty and had some nice chats with the bartender who turned out to be a cyclist as well.
      I will write a little report on my bike setup shortly. I can already tell now, that I’m very happy with the bike and it’s performance so far.

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