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The wild west

By on Tuesday September 26th, 2017

The landscape around Kamloops resembles the scenery one knows from the good old western movies. In this region it rains only very rarely and it’s a desert-like (semi-aride) climate. Somewhere between Kamloops and Savona – my next stopover – I actually pass the Ponderosa Road. But I miss to shoot a photo. Shortly before Savona I make a short break after a small hill which I have just climbed. Roughly 200m from me I discover an animal which appears to be a coyote. He stares at me for about 30 seconds, but finally clears the road.


Savona is a cozy little village located at the Kamloops Lake. I stay with Gerry and Detty, who give me a shelter for one night. Once again I am able to enjoy a warm shower and, as almost common at Canadian wamr showers, they also offer a nice dinner with salmon that Gerry caught himself.


The next morning I start later than originally planned, as we have interesting discussions during and after breakfast. It’s a long stage I’ve planned for that day. I want to make it to Fountain Valley – that’s more than 100km. After a stop at the Farmers Market in Horstings, where I eat a sandwich, soup and a cinnamon (Cinamon Bun) to gain power for the remaining 60km. When looking at the profile of todays stage, I realize more and more that I have to get on my way to get there before sunset. I’m only stoping from time to time to eat my trail mix or a cereal bar. And in fact I reach my destination with the last glimpse of daylight. I put up my tent and cook my pasta again, which I can refine with some of the salmon from yesterday which I got from Gerry and Detty. A long day is coming to an end.


Before I pack my bike the next morning I have a FaceTime call with my sister’s family. It is nice to see the two little nephews again and I have the feeling that they are also enjoy seeing their uncle face to face again. I can hardly end the call with the two, but I have a road to drive. And the present day is even more challenging than the previous one. After a short downhill part, it is almost exclusively uphill for roughly 60km. At the end of the day, I will have climbed a total difference of more than 1800m. That’s above my average road bike stages, where I don’t carry extra 35kg of weight. I’m getting doubts again whether I will reach my destination in time today. At 6pm I finally reach the highest point of today’s stage. From now on it goes downhill for 13km with up to 15% gradient. It is a hell of a ride which demands full concentration. But at the same time it’s also a big rewarded for the previous enduring climb. It was definitely fun.


After I reached the valley I still have to pedal for 20km to reach my warm shower for today. I’m staying with Pam and Scott who own a little farm just outside of Pemberton where they grow organic vegetables. It’s a pretty long road and I check for every driveway I pass for the address. In one of the driveways before I reach the actual farm I look into the eyes of a big black bear. He standing there as if he is guarding the gate. For a short moment I think of pulling out my camera and capture that scene. But I quickly decide that this might not be the smartest idea and continue pedaling. Finally I’m happy when I reach the farm, where a warm shower and a hot meal are already waiting for me again. I love the hospitality of the Canadian people.


Tuesday September 26th, 2017

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    Friday September 29th, 2017

    Ha Martijn,
    Wat een avontuur zeg! Knap hoe je al die lekken hebt opgelost. Ik hoop dat je een nieuwe reserveband en plakkers hebt kunnen scoren. Dit zijn de overwinningen waar je trots op kunt zijn!!!
    En ik zie geweldige foto’s. Indrukwekkende landschappen waar jij als ‘kleine’ fietser doorheen rijdt. Mij geeft dat altijd een gevoel van nietigheid, en tegelijk kracht. Want het zijn toch mooi jouw benen die het doen! Hoe beleef jij dat?
    Herkenbaar wat je schrijft over je verbinding met Theresa en de kinderen. De uitdaging is te weten dat al zijn ze in kilometers ver weg, de verbinding even sterk is. Of misschien door de afstand en jouw avontuur wel sterker.
    Ja, de reis gaat niet alleen door het landschap daar buiten. Ook door het landschap van binnen. Dat maakt het zo mooi!

    Heb het goed!

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    Tuesday October 3rd, 2017

    Bitte keine Selfies mit den Bären 🤤

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