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By on Sunday March 25th, 2018

After almost four weeks where I only moved my bike between La Punta and Zicatella (less than 5 km) I finally continued my journey on March 22nd. In the morning I go once more to the surf school to say goodbye to the instructors who tried to teach who to ride the waves. And of course I also have to fly at least my drone once, now that it’s finally repaired. It’s also time to say goodbye to Regina. After Wiebke had left and especially after I was not able to surf anymore for the past few days because of my injury I was happy to have a companion to spend all the free time I had. We went to release baby turtles at a beach close by, hiked up the rocks in Puerto Escondido to watch the sunrise and went for breakfast and dinner together most of the days.

When I actually cycle out of La Punta and up to the MEX200 it is already past 2:30pm. The sun is high up and there is no breeze to ease it up at least a little bit. My bike computer reports temperatures of more than 40 degrees Celsius and I have to stop at least every hour to get some aguas de frutas (fruit juice with water and sugar) or simply a Coke. Luckily the first day back on the road has not too many hills to pass and I can travel with an average speed of almost 20km/h. In Mazunte I spend the night at a camping next to the hotel where I stayed with Wiebke a few weeks ago. The first night camping after such a long time where I enjoyed proper hotel beds and a cooling fan is very hard. The air inside my tent heats up pretty quickly and I have to leave my tent several times this night just to cool down my body and let some fresh air into the tent. Even though there are plenty of mosquitos in this area I finally decide to sleep in one of the hammocks which are available here.

The next morning I feel very exhausted of course and have difficulties to motivate myself to get going again. A smoothie bowl (basically a smoothie with granola and fruits) and a coffee help a little bit though. I ride through San Augustinillo and and reach the little beach town of Zipolite. I only cycled a few km but I already need to stop for a break. I park my bike close to the beach and shortly after I can already see the nudists walk by the beach. According to my travel guide they should be only in far corner of the beach but today they seem to patrol along the beach. I decide that I’ve seen enough and continue my ride. I have another stop in Puerto Angel and several other ones on the MEX200. Initially I had planned to ride till Barra de la Cruz today but since I had this terrible night my body is struggling in the heat I decide to stay in Huatulco for the night. It’s a decision I regret quickly after I arrived there. It’s a super touristy area with plenty of big resorts. There is almost nothing of the chilled and tranquille atmosphere I experienced in La Punta or Mazunte.

After another horrible night in my Hilleberg sauna and racoons forcing me out of my tent in the middle of the night I’m really looking forward to reach Barra de la Cruz. It’s less than 30 km I need to cycle and it’s around noon when I finally reach there. I’m lucky to get one of the last cabanas at Pepe’s place. This place feels like heaven after the past two nights. I can sleep on a real bed and have a fan in my room. In front of my cabana is my own hammock where take a long nap before I go to the beach. I think all the other guests here came because of the nice wave. Unfortunately my shoulder is not yet fully recovered but I’m anyhow too exhausted. In the evening I even decide to extend by one more night. Getting back in to the rhythm is tough.

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    Jaap de Boer

    Monday March 26th, 2018

    Pittig Martijn die hitte! En het zal de komende weken mogelijk nog warmer worden. Richting zomer en richting evenaar. In de hitte probeer ik altijd mijn kop nat te houden. Fietsen met een drijfnatte pet. Misschien is daar een hele handdoek nodig, die je steeds weer nat maakt. Het scheelt wel enorm.
    Mooi dat je de tijd neemt om weer een nieuw ritme te vinden. En wat fijn dat je verjaardagsbezoek had!

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