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+++ Back in La Paz again for New Year +++

By on Friday January 5th, 2018

On New Year’s Eve I woke up in my tent at the beach in Cabo Pulmo. With a group of other cyclists I had met on the road on Baja California I had aligned to meet in La Paz again for New Year. To get there I had to cycle 160km with approximately 10km of dirt road and a lot of climbing as well. I thought of hitchhiking some parts of it, but after I had mastered the dirt road section I was really enjoying the ride and decided to try to cycle the whole way.

The sun was burning and I was happy that I had filled up my 10 liter water bag the day before. I stopped several times at the little kiosks or mini markets you find everywhere in Mexico to get some sweets and a coke or chocolate milk.

When I was cycling up the final hill before rolling down to La Paz I had a beautiful sunset to the left of the road and an (almost) full moon to the right. Since it was getting dark now quickly I was pushing hard on the downhill to minimize the time I had to cycle in the dark. I have proper lights on my bike but this unfortunately not the case for a lot of Mexican cars I saw. So, I was happy when I finally arrived at Tuly’s place where all the cyclists were staying.

Tuly is an amazing warm shower host who hosted at peaks more than 20 cyclists around Christmas. Now at New Year’s Eve there were still more than 10 left and we started with a big round of hugs when I arrived. Tuly and some of the guests were in the middle of preparing a great dinner. All I was able to contribute were some beers I bought at a super market in town. It became a super lovely evening and I enjoyed myself a lot with this great company.

Since I was not able to contribute to the meal on New Year’s Eve I volunteered to cook some Quenelle the next day. It was a little challenging since I didn’t find all the ingredients I needed, but one thing I learned in the past four months of my trip was to improvise. So instead of churd (Quark) I used Greek Yoghurt and some young white cheese. It worked out quite well. No full plates were returned to the kitchen.

I stayed at Tuly’s place for three more nights to recover and chill out a little bit before I jump on the ferry to Mexico mainland.

When I left today together with Thomas, Daniele and Simone it was a pretty emotional goodbye. Many of the cyclists I might see again in the next weeks or months when I head further south but Tuly and her family probably only when I come back one day. Which I can definitely imagine doing since I loved Baja California and especially the hospitality of Tuly.

Now I’m sitting in the ferry towards Mazatlan and I slowly start looking forward to the next adventures which I will encounter on Mexico mainland.


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