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Goodbye Whistler!

By on Sunday October 1st, 2017

In Whistler I stayed 2 days longer than initially planned. I have the feeling that I’m not yet done with this place. I definitely have to return one day.

After I checked out from the hostel I try desperately to get the synchronization between my GPS device and mobile phone back to work again. Currently I cannot put on any new planned routes. It seems that this is caused by the new iOS version I just installed a few days back. Since then, I have problems with any Bluetooth connection. I would have to install the new iOS update, but it’s more than 2GB to download and that seems to stress the WiFi in the hostel. Finally I have to stop this attempt if I don’t want to spend another night in Whistler.

Instead I try to hop on my bike but already with the first pedal stroke I sense severe pain in my Gluteus Maximus. I’m experienced with cramps in my legs and feet but this is unknown territory for me. In never had to deal with cramps in my bottom. I finally have to pay for that stupid decision to run down that hill two days back. I try to continue cycling with very low pace and hope to treat the cramps in this way. I only make to function junction which is less than 2 km from the hostel. I get off the bike and try to stretch as good as I can. But how do you stretch this part of your body, it comes to my mind that some yoga skills would be really useful now. Somehow the pain gets less and I can slowly continue my ride south. It’s still an horrible pain but this level I can resist. Like a snail I’m slowly but steadily klimbing up the gentle uphill sections out of Whistler. My speed often drops below 6km/h at stages which I would complete with twice the speed on normal days. Luckily it’s mostly downhill today.

I stop at a beautiful lookout after approximately 30km. The mountains look mystical in the late evening sun. I have an intensive snack with a yoghurt, an egg and some tortilla chips. After roughly half an hour I’m finished and try to put myself back in the saddle again. I can hardly swing my right leg over the saddle and again continue my journey very slowly to not provoke any new cramps.

view from the lookout

Shortly after I roll into Squamish. The Stawamus Chief a big rock which attracts a lot of climbers arises in front of me. It’s the second biggest free standing rock in the world (after Gibraltar). Tomorrow morning I need to get a picture of it.

It’s already 6pm and I quickly buy some stuff for dinner and breakfast tomorrow. My original plan to cycle further down to porteau turned out to be impossible today. Instead I pick the Campground just below the chief. My muscles need some rest…


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