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+++ a tough ride to Puerto Escondido +++

By on Thursday March 1st, 2018

When I leave Puebla it’s still more than 620km to Puerto Escondido and some mountains in between that I need to pass. I have calculated 6 days for this knowing that it will be a challenge. But since the past weeks were rather relaxing with a lot of rest days I‘m actually looking forward to it.

But the first day starts with a massive load of bad luck. At first my gps routes me via a strange path which also involves pushing my bike through something that looks and smells like a trash deposit. This actually results in several flats and slows me down for more than an hour. Later that day I also smash my phone while looking for direction and as it gets dark I feel that I have collected another flat. I’m frustrated and check for a hotel close by but all I understand from the locals is that I would have to cycle about five km in what I consider the wrong direction. So I actually decide to look for a quiet spot to camp close by and solve the puncture the next morning. While I’m rolling out of town with the last bit of air left in my tire I hear someone screaming to stop and come over. It’s the guy from the gas station. I pull over and ask him wether I can setup my tent at his place and he is more than happy to help me out. In return I have to drink some beers with him and share me

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    Barrie Blok Mergenthaler

    Thursday March 1st, 2018

    Lieve Martijn. Wat een rijke levenservaring doe je op! De verhalen van de mensen die, zo lijkt het wel, vaak aan de kant van de weg op je staan te wachten met hun hulp of hun gezelschap vind ik hartverwarmend. En dan die vele kleinere en grotere grenskonflikten met jezelf waar je vanuit het niets zo tegenaan rijdt en er iedere keer ook weer doorheen komt. Ik bewonder je en leef en geniet met je mee.

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